Packaging of product is exceptionally important to any business, but specifically to those in the food service industry. Protecting the product you spend countless hours perfecting and mastering is crucial. Your goods deserve to be protected and sealed with the best stock clamshell packaging money can buy. There are many expensive options out there, but Dunwiddie offers the greatest quality and quantity of custom clamshell packs at the lowest possible pricing. With endless possible dimensions and shapes, the clamshell packs from Dunwiddie are capable of servicing any need your company might have.


Dunwiddie Custom Packaging offers an array of stock clamshell packages. The Blisterbox packs are made from at least 85% of post-consumer and post-industrial recycled content. This usage of recycled material does not increase the price of clamshell packaging from Dunwiddie, and allows you to feel satisfied in knowing that your packaging is not from newly molded plastic.

All other styles of packaging available through Dunwiddie are also made of recyclable material. This includes the Graphics Box, This Box, Curved Front Box, and the Compartment Box. No matter the requirement, Dunwiddie has an offering of clamshell packs that will work for you.


In addition to offering customized sizes of several clam packs, Dunwiddie Custom Packaging is capable of creating a custom printed insert card. This addition will make any standard pack stand out on the shelf and draw customers in to your product. By having a “one stop shop” for these products, Dunwiddie is the perfect choice for you to take your business to the next level. Clam packs with a customized insert will allow you to save time on labeling or stickering your product as well as creating an optimal final product to best showcase your goods.


Dunwiddie Custom Packaging has steadily grown through the years to become an industry leader when it comes to packaging options. With countless options for stock clamshell packaging and the ability to add a custom insert to your packaging, Dunwiddie provides an added level of service many other providers might be lacking. With all clam packs easily recyclable, Dunwiddie stock clamshells are perfect for your business and allow you to avoid any additional costly machinery, equipment, or labor when packaging your product. These cost-effective packaging offers are capable of safely securing your product while still reducing your bottom line and affording you the opportunity to get the most out of your products.

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