Natralock Custom Packaging

Natralock Packaging, a secure and customizable paperboard made by MWV, offers such a variety of benefits that any product in any retail environment should realize its advantages almost immediately.

Full Seal Design
When sealed in a “trapped blister” design, Natralock’s tear-resistance offers a durable package for your product and provides maximum security at the retail shelf. Once purchased, the package is easily opened with a pair of scissors, avoiding the consumer “wrap rage.”

Environmentally Safe
Natralock is primarily made with recycled paperboard that can contain up to 15% recycled fibers. It offers a sustainable alternative to traditional clamshell packaging as it can reduce the amount of plastic used by up to 80%.

Quicker, Easier to Seal
Natralock is extremely easy to use and seals 40% to 60% faster than traditional clamshell packaging. It will seal using any standard sealing equipment with minimal adjustments

Glare-Free, Crystal Clear
When properly designed, Natralock packages offer significant glare-free graphic space and a crystal clear view of the product that allows you to promote your brand in any way your creativity directs you.

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Why Dunwiddie

We have designed, developed, and distributed tens of millions of Natralock packages to date. Our Natralock packaging design will grow your bottom line whether it’s a product launch, a line extension or a new approach to existing packaging.

Concept to Completion
Our process results in the right package for your product and our prototype samples allow you to show and sell your product long before we begin actual production. The Dunwiddie “big picture” process results in smooth production and the ability to pitch your finished product at internal meetings, buyer presentations and trade shows. These are all significant advantages that allow you to get to market faster and maximize your selling efforts.

Industry Knowledge
Our retail expertise helps us design the right package for the targeted retail environment. We have helped clients place products in a wide variety of retail channels including Walmart, Costco, 7-Eleven, REI, CVS, Dollar General, Walgreens, Home Depot and many more.

We have thermoforming and printing capabilities that allow us to develop both the blister and Natralock cards used in a design. Not only is it convenient, but it also ensures seamless integration as those components are designed in tandem.

Flexible Distribution
We can accommodate a wide range of order quantities for both blisters and Natralock cards so that you can adequately meet your inventory demands no matter what size you may be. Our logistics network, domestic and abroad, ensures that you have access to all the benefits that Natralock offers.

Natralock  and DCPI

Natralock and Dunwiddie Custom Packaging is a winning combination. Natralock packaging offers you the best opportunity to showcase your product in a sustainable, secure fashion. Dunwiddie Custom Packaging offers you the expertise, knowledge, and service that will allow you to showcase your product and sell more of it.

Natralock Packaging Solutions
In fact, Natralock has proven to be such a great product that it has quickly become the preferred packaging solution requested by retailers. We will help you design the right package for your product to exceed your retail customer’s packaging expectations and your own sales and profit goals.

• Secure, sustainable packaging
• Significant reduction in plastic materials
• Increased graphic space to tell your story
• Faster production output
• No more consumer “wrap rage”
• Design capabilities that meet your needs
• All parts of your package seamlessly developed under one roof
• Total project management – domestic and abroad
• Over 30 years satisfying customer needs