Plastic Cartons

Clear Plastic Cartons are a great packaging option when presenting your product, they provide maximum visibility with good protection and durability. Ask us about a direct print or a printed insert to pair with it.

Pillow Packs

Clear Pillow Packs are a unique package design that commands attention in a crowded retail environment. Direct print or printed paperboard inserts can be combined for great effect.

Clear Plastic Canisters

Clear Plastic Canisters are another good packaging option that allows for the product to be viewed from any angle. Add a printed insert and your product will really stand-out.

Custom Plastic Trays

Plastic trays are used extensively for controlling product, inside a package, and presenting that product in it’s best light. Trays are frequently used inside a plastic or paperboard package.

Side Blisters

Slide Blisters are essentially a clear plastic front presentation with a custom printed backer card. Product is placed into a form-fitting cavity and the backer card is attached by sliding it into channels on the 3 sides of the slide blister. Slide Blisters offer the benefits of a Blister Package without the need for sealing equipment.


Skinboard is a tried and true packaging option that has been used for saw blades and other hardware items. A thin plastic film is used to cover the printed card, forming a tight seal around the product(s).

Ask us about heat-seal equipment – we can help you with that too.